Battery Regeneration​

Proprietary technology that promotes sulphate crystals dissolution and regenerates used battery to become as good as new with refreshed terminals.​

  1. Proven & Industrial accepted procedure for extending battery lifespan.
  2. Economical solution
  3. Best throughput time for battery regeneration process
  4. Delaying Capital Expenditure from periodic purchase of new batteries
  5. CAPEX Savings of more than 50% on new batteries
  6. Direct Operational Cost Saving

Steel Fabrication

  • Electrius manufactures an extensive range of fittings for bare and insulated overhead systems in the Low Voltage and High Voltage Power Distribution and Telecommunication networks.
  • All products are Type Tested to meet specifications to be used in the system to ensure maximum performance when deployed in the system.
  • Multiple materials are used to form the best combination in strength, insulation and weather resistant properties for example Steel, Fibre-Reinforced Plastic, Aluminium and Zinc. 


Exceptionally High Strength

Individual Crossarms Mechanical Strength are tested beyond requirements.

Environmental and Weather Resistant

Formulated with enhanced UV & weathering protection. Our Crossarms are protected with Premium Marine Grade Coating.

Fire Rating (Best in Class)

Fire Retardancy & Self Extinguishing properties to counter risks of electrical fire


Non-conductive in nature

No Risk of Water Penetration

All Crossarms are Fully-Filled with Self Extinguishing Closed Cell Foam to prevent risks of water seepage that compromises the product’s dielectric properties and linesman safety.