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Who We Are?

The Year is 2011 and ESB begins self-funded Research & Development into High-Tech composite materials in the area of:

Being a 100% local Bumiputera owned company, ESB pursues intensive research into Cross-Arm Technology, with the express intention of creating a product to address the weaknesses of the present technology being applied in the Electrical Generation Industry.

After receiving a Global Patent for its cutting-edge new Cross-Arm Technology, ESB seeks to expand the application of its technology into various fields and industries, while maintaining high standards in Research and continuously striving to develop products that push the edge of modern technology.

Our Areas of Expertese

Advanced Materials
Product Development
Failure Analysis
Type Test
Mass Production

Our Objectives:

 To produce a Full Range of Composite-based products that meet the highest  technical requirements in any applicable industry.

To prove ELECTRIUS’s capability to be on par with Global Standards in Composites Technology

To offer localized product technical support

To be a Key Technology Partner 

Our Vision:

To Provide Exceptional Customized Products and Services, while constantly maintaining High Standards of Research & Development.

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