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Our Vision.

What our technology brings into the future

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The future of tomorrow lies in composites…

“To efficiently reproduce the characteristics of structures that require strength, durability and cost efficiency while being environmentally friendly, Composites is the definite answer.”

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Wooden Structures are always a risk due to deterioration due to adverse weather conditions. Such structures are easily replaces with our weather-resistant composites. This will in turn also reduce the logging of wood and greatly stop the deforestation process.

– Wooden Poles
– Wooden Structural Platforms in Parks


Much of the structural integrity can be compromised in extremely corrosive environments. We specialise in providing durable composites that can withstand the corrosive nature of such environments and can easily replace them.

– Steel Gratings and Structures in Offshore Platforms
– Steel Grating and Structures in Marine Ports and Ships


Replacement of water assets which are failing due to corrosion and wear and tear.

– Raw or treated water piping.
– Sewerage piping.


Future R&D into Phenolic Composites (Extreme Fire Retardancy)


Future R&D into Electrical Conductive Composites (Transmit Electrical Charges)

Why Choose Us?

What services do you provide?

From small scale one-off projects to large cluster size industrial deployments we are ready to assist and consult from the smallest detail to the biggest schmes with the most effective solutions in the industry. Inquire today to learn more about how we can assist you on developing a long lasting project!

How long will it take?

Depending on the scale of implementation, our research and development goes hand in hand with your initial project planning and there is no time loss as compared to using traditional materials.

How much will it cost?

Fraction of a cost if you count in factors as such as upkeep, maintenance and servicing.


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We are offering great opportunists for Project and Marketing.
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