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Ensuring a high quality product.

The rigorous Conformance testing at our facilities ensures our products and systems complies with the requirements of all specification, contract and regulation documents associated.

We have the right QoS for you!

Service providers, equipment manufacturers, and equipment suppliers rely on such rigorous external testing to ensure Quality of Service (QoS) through this conformance process, thereby ensuring a high quality product.

Our Composite materials undergo rigorous external testing form external sources to ensure the highest Quality of Service (QoS). The numerous tests performed on out composite materials include Mechanical Tests, UV tests, Electrical Tests and Type tests. Through this conformance process, you can be assured that we provide the highest quality product.



No Report No  Report Description Lab
1 2013CB4827   i. All Individual Crossarms Members on Dimensional, Water proofing & Axial Load   (Tension and Compression) ii. Full Assembly of 24L, 23L and 13L Composite Crossarms on Working load (Normal / Brokenwire Condition) SIRIM
2 PTS/ER13/268 ASTM D2583 – Barcol Hardness of ‘Pultruded Fibreglass’ SIRIM
3 PTS/ER13/554 ASTM D570 – Water Absorption of ‘Pultruded Fibreglass’ SIRIM
4 PTS/ER13/262 ASTM D792 – Density  & Specific Gravity of ‘Pultruded Fibreglass’ SGS
5 KV-13-12599X ASTM D696-08 – Standard Test Method for Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion of  Plastics Between -30C and 30C With a Vitreous Silica Dilatometer SGS
6 KV-13-12600X ASTM C177-10 – Standard Test Method for Steady State Heat Flux Measurements and  Thermal Transmission Properties by Means of the Guarded Hot Plate Apparatus SIRIM
7 PTS/ER13/371  UL94 – Vertical Burning Test  ASTM D635 – Horizontal Burning Test SGS
8 GZCCM130900704 -02  ASTM E84-13a – Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials SGS
9  GZCCM130900704-01 ASTM E662-13a – Specific Optical Density of Smoke generated by Solid Materials SIRIM
10 2015CE0104 and 2014CE1499  ASTM G154 – 12a – Standard Practice for Operating Fluorescent Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp Apparatus for Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials CPRI
11 UHV2711314 IEC 60060-1 & IEC 60383-2 – Dry/Wet Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage Test, Dry/Wet Power Frequency Withstand Voltage Test for 132kV 13L Type Composite Crossarms Assembly CPRI
12 UHV2701314 IEC 60060-1 & IEC 60383-2 – Dry/Wet Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage Test, Dry/Wet Power Frequency Withstand Voltage Test for 132kV 23L Type Composite Crossarms Assembly CPRI
13 UHV2721314   IEC 60060-1 & IEC 60383-2 – Dry/Wet Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage Test, Dry/Wet  Switching Impulse Withstand Voltage, Dry/Wet Power Frequency Withstand Voltage Test for 275kV 24L Type Composite Crossarms Assembly CPRI
14 43/1/2015-HV/3162/Electrius/2071 ASTM D2303 –  Inclined plan tracking & erosion test CPRI

Mechanical Testing


Electrius Composite Crossarms are Mechanically Type Tested to Client’s specifications and requirements according to the loading requirements provided by the Client. Our Crossarms are tested to simulate mechanical loading in…...

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UV Tests


By acknowledging the Malaysian’s Sun intensity, our Composites are formulated to withstand severe UV attack. We have successfully tested our composite system according to the Standards of  ASTM-G154,  a highly intensive weathering test of…...

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Composites are naturally Electrically Non-Conductive and Insulators. However, when the product is designed to work at High Voltage Towers, the Composite Crossarms are tested to proof its worthiness in the…...

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